Award winning magician, Justin M. Monehen has been performing professionally for over twenty years and has steadily built a reputation as one of the UK’s most original performers. Training originally as a ballet dancer, he later studied mime and combines his physical skills with artful illusion to create a unique and mind-blowing visual style.

Stage Illusionist

Starting with a genuine strait jacket escape (while strapped to a ticking time bomb) and including a thrilling tribute to Reservoir Dogs (in which a spectator’s ear is sliced off), Justin takes his audience on a roller coaster ride of thrills and illusions. He pulls off his fingers, twists his head 360 degrees, hacks into his arm with a butcher’s knife and even plays with a living severed hand! But don’t think this is just a gory horror show, the style is light and Justin’s character is cartoon-like and charming. Amongst the startling effects there is a heart-broken robot and a strung-out Thunderbirds puppet (courtesy of Justin’s amazing mime skills) and a whole host of classic magic routines beautifully presented by one of the UK’s top magicians. Regularly seen performing at the world famous Magic Circle Head Quarters (the UK’s No. 1 Corporate Venue) and on TV all over the world, Justin’s stage act is adaptable and enjoyed by all ages and breaks through all language barriers with style.

Close-Up Magician

Justin is a highly sought after expert of sleight-of-hand magic and a skilled close-up magician who can perform under pressure. In the UK he has clocked up literally hundreds of hours of live TV as the resident magician on QVC. With a disarming, likeable persona, Justin entertains his audiences with clever effects that amaze and delight.

Magic Consultant

As a magic consultant, Justin has produced unique effects and illusions for theatre productions, rock bands, tv shows and films. As a magic consultant, he has designed magic tricks for Disney, KFC, The Magic Circle, The Evening Standard and even Harry Potter!